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Crisis Dance Out of This World

One Day

One day you rise, one day you leave
One day you smile, one day you give
One day you'd know how treat you without the blow
Here comes the train started to run
Following rain washed all I've done
I want to know the pleasure behind the wall

I feel, I want, I try, I fall, I live alone I leave that smile in my mind
I don't wanna be so blind
Well anybody come with me
I play the game I play the other things that goes out wrong every time

Calling...Hear you call on me
Caught in...cold as the ice can be
I want to know how long could the stars not to glow



I hold the gun discreditively wrong
It's troubling me, let's just try to escape
In my cell I hit against my mind...enough!
Just wake up talking

I return to break the wall
By my side I see them all

Another lie - the explanations always change
I thought it twice
And only now I've realised
I can't beleive I've got the thing I've never used till now
Sometimes...I wake up talking

I return to see them all
Hello...a long ago...they've gone

Never try to stop us, don't beleive in lies
Don't take things for granted, always pay the price
Listen to the silence, leave your past behind
Absolutely nothing... Open mind!



Stop and try to change your way
Cut the ties with yesterday Break out!

Take a breath of open air
Become light to get upstairs Break out!

Spark, eclipse, remove and fix portland, landscape, press and mix
It's revolution

Bomb inside

Erase the own history
Taste the pill of insanity Watch out!

You have to choose, decide, conclude...
This point can't be crossed twice Realise!

It's revolution!
Would it be whenever?



I am alone and wasting my time
There's no excuse for getting in crime
I open my eyes and trying to guess
Is evil inside or somewhere else?
When I learn it then I turn it
Life keeps falling no more warning
It's getting late..just too late
My religion can you leave me? Please release me and forgive me
I'm in pain!! so much pain!!!

Oh...I'm gonna reach the door
The shadows fly and I have no time at all

Nobody help me I'm crying loud
Only myself I can spit it out
If you beleive me I hope it's real
Getting inside is just a part of your skill

hold on...hold on...hold on
My dad was wrong he was telling me to hold on... hold me


Hey Man

Hey man! How are you today?
A child became the Rover

Hey man! Would you go away
When happy days are over?

Something used to happen, oh no
Something's to happen

Hey man! See your fears passed by
Your feelings almost frozen

Hey man! Do you like your life?
The Judgement day is closer

Something used to happen, oh no
'Cause we were taught it's gonna happen, oh no