Nirvana Нирвана Курт Кобейн Kurt Cobain Nirvana
Курт Кобейн Kurt Cobain Nirvana Нирвана Курт Кобейн Kurt Cobain Nirvana
Нирвана Курт Кобейн Kurt Cobain Nirvana Нирвана Курт Кобейн Kurt Cobain
Nirvana Нирвана Курт Кобейн Kurt Cobain Nirvana Нирвана Курт Кобейн

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Эксклюзив от Kurt Cobain [ru], который все скоро закопипастят %)



start, start love, start love

and it's all so near by me

i'm leaving home…, to the sun and the sun had

begun to die


modern grunge ballad

take me away from hear take me to you so near you can

take me away. It’s my fault I know and please find

me guilty I’m so vulnerable oh without you I’m shivering

oh I need you

always I made a fool of myself I’m ashame

I’m like a fat leech, give me prussic acid

to drink and leave me alone and than

I turn bleach and would be no burden

for you no mere so you could do what you

want cause I was so prude to you

my drug body

you’re my breeders

yes he was my best friend and he’s gone



love is what I feel for no one no one here

money is what I earn for me I think

cause people say that

naked is what I want

for everyone in the world

tired is what I am of moving for everything

I’m blind

merriment is what I miss since the time of my last kiss

football is what I hate I wish I were interested in

I’m blind

it is my fault


he's just as stoned as me

wanna be an angel got to kill yourself




I know we all are young can’t you see we

haven’t fun, can you please turn up the light

no one seems to hate this fight

I love to be right here the sun is shining over me

clear and you know that I’m

gone follow me, yeah, yeah

I know that I’m none and I wish I would feel none

the people who love me all are gone, please come

with me and have fun My belly burns so meek

no one sees and you’ll have to understand I live

in my paperland

broken bottles under children feet

broken bottles are no good for me and you


suicide sunday

waking up, I’m awake the sun shines

in my eyes. he’s a fat man he said fatten me

now they drain his belly

it’s suicide sunday again

do you know the story about the main magnet

he makes all male my malignant mind destroyed as

your idea of a better world

it’s suicide sunday again



session, fashion, glory, worry,

made it, waste it, call me healthy,

take me, make me happy, happy

tastless, scentless, rapists, faces,

there are lies over lies, he’s just a Rockstar


no one can taste it

here comes the sun noone can see it now

where is my gun I still haven’t found

he walks so fast his mind is bleeding low

he was alone he talks not so much

noone can taste it, noone can see his eyes


naked spine

he walks for an hour and his back h urts

he has a bad posture and he knows he’s wrong

he’s got a naked spine

noone can help to soothe his pain/ noone saw him

laughing in the last time

summer was bleeding this year, summer was bleeding and I fear

that he won’t come back to us and to me

summer was bleeding this year…



orange, orange

orange, orange

me and the

land of glory

killer, killer

killer, killer

me and the

land of glory


be yourself

peace for the world

not for me

scentless cremate

tempting rape

magnetic see

next tome



the  zest has gone and you’re on the best part from

this trip your gun has killed 3 million men but you

don’t know that everyone is sift

and I stay in my cartoon

your love is hate your hate is shit you’re the scum

from this world it’s easy to be one of the

beautiful people but hard to be honest guy

and I stay in my cartoon


I’m your wife

are you still annoyed I am just paranoid

all the things we’ve done all the things are gone

can you be my friend just until the end

am I good enough can I pay the stuff

noone’s happy


eat my cancer

as the days began to leave me here

leave me alone. I perceived that I’m different

different from you. the blue heaven turns into

black all where I’m at. I’m sick and noone

sees it shit. I want get pissed

eat my cancer

I searched for the bright side behind the suicide

and someday I’ll find my faded mind on this side

I’m ever sad I don’t can back but I’m not bad

I just wan t to have a friend a wife and a soft


eat my cancer


sweeter than me

you come and I go like you want to

we are too much miles away and you will

see that I’m not a place where you

would be so happy

I guess that we should buy some feelings

for the long trip we live in peace but i

do not

you’re sweeter than me


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